How to use Passport Photo Booth

passport photo booth

How to use Passport Photo Booth for taking passport photos?

Passport photos should be of acceptable quality and should be free from common defects to be accepted in the passport applications and to avoid unnecessary delays due to defective photographs affixed. A regular passport photos size should be a 35x45mm UK or 2x2inches US colour photo and is to be printed on photo paper. The picture should be clear and even tone throughout the print and should be free from editing or retouching.

The passport photo should be presented with the head facing front, and your center of the head should be within the frame. The eyes should be placed between 1-1/8 inches to 1-3/8 from the bottom of the frame. The picture background should be either full white or off-white and should be free from shadows.

The photo should be presented with all the requirements mentioned above when applying for a passport. Any failure in complying with the above passport photos requirements will result in either delay or denial of a passport. Hence it is advisable to get the photo taken by a professional passport photographer to avoid delays during the processing of the application. The professional photographers are well versed with the passport application requirements of the photograph and will take the picture to meet those requirements and will facilitate quick approval of the application.

Having an ideal for passport photo guidelines will help you to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of the applications. You can consider taking passport pictures on your own provided you know the requirements and have a good passport photo printer at home. However, it is advisable to get the passport photos taken at the photo booths as they are an easy and efficient way of getting the job done professionally.

There are several advantages of getting a passport photo taken by a professional passport photographer.

Professionals use high-quality digital cameras to capture the picture which results in find details of your features. They also use quality photo paper to print the photographs and use superior high-end passport photo printers to print the pictures taken. Taking pictures, processing and printing are done all at one place instantly which saves you lot of time and efforts.

  • Professional photographers such as The Imaging Professionals will advise you to wear something simple yet appropriate for the photo as they know how a person should look in the photo for the application.
  • The professional photographers are proficient with the photo requirements of various types of application and hence print the required size photos required for your kind of application after a careful consultation with you. This will free you from worries of what size photo print you need to order.
  • The background, the lighting, the colour and print paper everything will be taken care by the photographer, and all you need to do is neatly dress-up and pose for the photograph.

There are restrictions as to how the passport photos should not be to prevent rejection.

  • Photos should not have the dark background where inspecting authority finds it difficult making out the applicant’s face.
  • The photos which do not contain full face and shoulders of the individual will be rejected
  • The photograph should be a recent one and should not be older than six months.
  • The photo should resemble you.


Getting a high-quality passport photo is not a tedious and time-consuming procedure with the automatic passport photo booth installed at various places in the UK. You get to take professional quality photos at an affordable price with minimal efforts at the automatic booths making it a simple and easy solution for those who do not want to experiment taking photos at home. Here are few tips that will help you to click best pictures at passport photo booth.

  1. The best time to click pictures at the photo booths is during the day when there is a lot of natural light. Stand in a place where there is plenty of natural light to prevent images with shadows in the background. The lighting should be great when you take passport photos, and low light can get your application delayed.
  2.    The expression on your face is also of equal importance when it comes to taking a photo for a passport. Take the photo with a natural smile on your face while staying relaxed. Use the self-timer feature to click several snaps and choose the one that is best out of the lot.
  3. What you are wearing for the photo is another important thing that you need to consider. Light coloured formal wear is preferred for the passport photos rather than dark and trendy casual wear. Get your hair cut if necessary and avoid gaudy make-up as the photo should look natural and resemble you.
  4. The background of the photograph should be either white or off-white as per passport application requirements. Move the colour of the curtain behind you to white or off-white whatever is available before you get the photos clicked.

With the above tips taking a passport photo for various applications is quick, simple and easy and can be done in just a few minutes with minimal efforts at any passport photo booth in the UK at affordable prices. If unable to visit the nearest photo booth in your local area, you may use PassportPhotoNow.Co.UK

passport photo booth

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passport photo near me

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