What is Page Authority

page authority

What is Page Authority?

Page authority was introduced by Moz. This is basically a technique and tool that tells us about the link and market rate. This one is basically a scale that is count of 100 points. The next margin is easily come to know by this scale. This tells us what would be the rate and scope in the coming days of site.

It also tells us about the page work that is how much time the page is loaded and which type of link has been opened in the page. All details check by the tool of algorithm.

How is Page Authority Scored

The scale is used that consists of 100 points on logarithm. This scale easily gives us margin that if use will be increase from 20 to 30 than the further growth will be from 70 to 80. The continuous work makes things easier only by the process of updating whole record is saved in the page.

Page Authority VS Domain Authority

The only one basic difference between the both. Page authority deals with only all pages and gives alarm about next updates. The domain authority deals with entire site and gives information about next criteria.

Where you can find Page Authority

This page can be found under the custody of SEO and online system management.

Technical Definition of Page Authority

This authority is basically deals with the traffic and uses of links that are used again and again. This is basically Moz`s calculation. The use of technology provides easiness for the workers. This deals at high rank so that the machines are used that have proper management of work.

This authority make the page differ from the other pages. The reason is that we can easily come to know that what is the rank of product, how many sites are working above and at which level our page is working. This one not only deals with one time, it almost covers the entire procedure that is going inside the site and in the page all details are mentioned above.

There is a concept that if you want to increase the market rate then you have to used the both authority like “page“ and “ domain“ because when both will work in coordination than the result will be more perfect. The use of this site makes the page more authentic as compare to the other sites that are working on the same product and theme.

SEO best Practice

How do I influence the metric?

The work is not done only by simple metric. There are different metrics that are working together than the result and basic work is obtained. There is a concept that when all metrics work together then work is completed.

These metrics deal with pages in a specific way and in the end make the page authoritative and the differ from the others. If you want to get more beneficial result than you have to proper manages the SEO team.

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